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zara sport: for chic olympians

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There are few things more inspiring than watching your fellow Americans defy gravity, natural elements, and the human body to absolutely own an Olympic event. It didn't matter if I was watching diving, gymnastics, or the decathlon over the past several days, but whenever the Olympics were on, I had a very strong urge to ditch my rosé and go hit the track for some interval work.

Of course, if you want to be a world class athlete, you need to look the part, and Zara's latest Olympic-inspired athletic wear collection fits the bill perfectly here. You may not set any records in barre class, but at least you'll look like a world class athlete doing your tucks while wearing this collection. 

Inside The Line: Amagansett

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This weekend, I woke up, took a long look at my bedroom, and immediately felt that I needed to change something. We've only lived in this apartment for about 7 weeks, and already, I'm itching for change. A new rug, an upgraded hamper, a fresh arrangement for our bureaus. I can't quite put my finger on what really needs an update, but I have a really strong urge that it needs to happen ASAP.

I think that the endless stream of inspiration out there is largely to blame for my lack of satisfaction here. Even when you've finally found a home for all of your things, you can spot a new pillow pattern that you must have, or want to arrange all of your knickknacks by color. Damn you, Pinterest!

Coincidentally (or not), this weekend, I also stumbled upon some gorgeous shots of the latest interior design project from The Line in Amagansett. I've never been to the Hamptons, but this space's whitewashed walls, modern furniture, and luxurious touches match up perfectly with the perception that I have of this vacation town. I can easily imagine Big and Natasha from Sex and the City relaxing here on a long weekend, him secretly wishing that he had Carrie there instead.

Madewell First Look: Fall 2016

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Every season, I get almost too excited when Madewell releases a sneak peek of its next collection. Sure, it's nearly 90 degrees outside and I still have plenty of tanning to do before fall starts, but I couldn't help but want to grab my credit card and hit add to cart as soon as I saw a new lookbook from this brand.

This first look for Fall 2016 doesn't disappoint, and features certain elements that I want to start implementing into my current rotation right now: lace-up tops, not-so-basic denim, lots of layers, classic kicks (I needed Adidas Gazelles, like, yesterday), and texture on top of texture. It all looks cozy and chic as hell. I can wait a few more months before shopping for colder temps, but this collection is definitely making this harder than I expected.

Gia Coppola for Everlane

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“This is the perfect Everlane version of one of my favorite dresses from childhood.” #amen

“This is the perfect Everlane version of one of my favorite dresses from childhood.” #amen

I have a well-known addiction to stripes, and Gia Coppola's new collaborative collection with Everlane isn't going to help me with this problem. As she says, "you just can't go wrong with stripes," and I can't argue with that – her capsule collection of comfortable and classic pieces with a California vibe is 100% striped. Not a single solid piece to be found here, and I think that's exactly how it should be. 

You can shop these perfect tees, dresses, rompers, boatnecks, tanks, and shorts on Everlane now.